Biohotel Jesch KG
Wandelitzen 10 - 9103 Diex - Österreich
Tel. +43(0)4232/7196
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Weekly activities

Ida, our Nordic Walking instructor, is very fond of showing the magnificent landscape during her introductory lesson to Nordic Walking. She will show you the breathtaking view at the famous "Du-Stein".


Ida also offers a guided Jogging Tour to those of you who think that Nordic Walking is an activity which is too slow.
During this Jogging Tour you get to know all the other bio-farms in our surrounding. First you pass "Kraiger", who has the best bio-eggs and the most delicious bio-schnaps, then you see "Kaiser", who grows bio-chickens, and "Hambrusch" with their bio-beef.
If is commonly known that you should start a day with a short physical activity. You can either exercise on your own in the indoor swimming pool, or you choose to take part in Ida's "fit in the morning" programme. You will see, your metabolism will be grateful.


Guided trekking tour

Our guided trekking tour to our parents' home near Diex is one of the highlights. While Hildegard takes the part of the guide, Herbert is responsible for the BBQ with all the delicious bio-specialities at the final destination.



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