Biohotel Jesch KG
Wandelitzen 10 - 9103 Diex - Österreich
Tel. +43(0)4232/7196
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The cosy "Fichtenstube" is the right place for a hearty snack in the afternoon, an aperitif or our traditional "Fichtling" after dinner.



Having breakfast while the sun tickles your nose, having dinner while watching the roes come out of the wood, that's the atmosphere our restaurant gives you with its breathtaking view over nature.



Our cosy Lounge with the crackling open fireplace invites you to read interesting books from our library over a glass of wine.


The history of our house goes back to the 13th Century, but it was at the beginning of the 20th Century that is in our family's hands. Herbert's great-grandfather inherited the farm "Jörg" from his parents after they had bought it. The surname "Jesch" was first introduced by Herbert's grandfather after his marriage to the heiress of this farm. In 1947 a huge fire demolished everything and erased all memories of former days. The tiny statue of "Saint Mary" somehow survived the great fire. She was found a couple of days later lying in the mood. Now "Saint Mary" has a special place at our reception.
In 1955 Anton Jesch took "Jörg" over from his brother, and in the year 1959 he married Josefine. From this day on the two of them started to transform the big hous into a hotel. Since the year 2000 the hotel has been under the direction of Herbert Jesch.

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