Biohotel Jesch KG
Wandelitzen 10 - 9103 Diex - Österreich
Tel. +43(0)4232/7196
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Simply adventurous

The most important aspect is that your kids breathe the fresh air and detect nature. Here they observe butterflies and birds and even the deers when they come out of the wood. And, what is even more, they learn a lot about farming. Our hotel and its surrounding invite the kids to use their own creativity again. They can build their own houses in the trees, dig holes in the hay to play hide-and-seek, or grill sausages and potatoies over an open fire. But what they tend to like most is to play at the brook. Kids, what a joy to let the self-made paper ships go in the brook!

The big advantage to spend your holidays with your children here in our hotel is that we are not situated at a busy road. No cars pass our hotel!

You will see, after these adventurous holidays even your kids will cry out:

"Life is beautiful!"

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